I first met Sameer when I wanted to apply for my green card, but had no idea where or how to start. All I knew is that I didn't want to go through the process by myself. I was a full-time student at the time and Sameer was patient and understanding while I gathered evidence and financial resources, but always made sure he kept things moving.

He has since helped me to file for the extension of the same green card and has been the same calm, friendly and knowledgeable attorney I remembered from filing the first time. I specifically remember being on the phone with him several times with questions that were keeping me up at night, and having Sameer take the time to talk me through the answers as many times as was needed to make me feel more at ease.
Mari Meyer
It was a pleasant surprise to work with an attorney who “actually looks out for my interest!!” I’ve been in the immigration system for many things F1, H1, green card, citizenship, EB1, parents visa, then green cards, fiancee visa, etc. This has been my best experience working with an attorney who not only knows the law but also how the client is best served by it.

The service was absolutely the best!!! A+++ My case was very convoluted and I was almost ready to give up. But Sameer’s innovative solution made me get back on track and but now I have a very successful visa experience. Thank you for keeping our family together!
Sajid Virani
When I first met Sameer Kumar, our plan was to get Karen (my fiancé at the time) down to New Jersey on a work visa, and then get married. I had heard the maze of immigration regulations was not something to be navigated on one’s own. Sameer immediately put me at ease as he explained the process. Sameer is friendly, obviously knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Last January, on my birthday, Karen and I were married. We’ve retained Sameer’s law firm to help us through the immigration process. I have every confidence in Sameer, and look forward to a happy resolution of our immigration process.
Karen & Mack Harrell
West Orange, NJ
Sameer provides excellent service, advice and beyond that he is very approachable and easy to communicate with.
Aynanshu Parikh
Sales & Service Consultant
AA Insurance

I was very happy with all the services Sameer provided including responding to calls, detailed immigration filing of paperwork and attention to detail.

Thank you for your dedication to my case!
Hem Dave
We are very pleased with the service we are receiving today and in the past from Sameer. He is very helpful, courteous and an all around pleasure to speak to. We have always gotten a very quick response when we have called for assistance and received excellent answers to our questions. He always makes us feel better about whatever the situation is. We are really glad we have chosen the Sameer as our attorney . He takes a lot of stress off of our head and shoulders. Again I must commend our attorney Sameer; he is very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
Alpna T. & Ashok T.
Jersey City, NJ

Sameer provided step by step guidance throughout the filing process. The key factor for me is that he is always available personally to answer questions. I had great success working with Sameer and his outstanding team.
Raj Ramarao
Vice President, Nuvence Inc.
Tampa, FL

Sameer’s advice has always been prompt, accurate and to the point. He is straightforward and tells it like it is. I felt very comfortable and informed working with Sameer.
Amrish Ghodasara
Business Analyst, Upleta Associates
Houston, TX
My husband has been involved in a complicated immigration case in California and we wanted a second opinion and some help from a local immigration attorney to assist in the intricate process of obtaining legal travel documents. A friend referred me to Sameer and he is simply great! MY husband and I have been in contact with Sameer only for a short while now, but he has sure made a big impression on us! He is very responsive & informative. Most importantly, he will tell you the truth about how your case looks (whether it is good or bad). Honesty is extremely important when it comes down to dealing with Immigration in America. He has a genuine way of showing his concern for our success and that makes us feel really comfortable. I would highly recommend him to my friends and anyone else I know in need of an immigration attorney.

On top of that, his staff is just as great! Very professional and helpful when Sameer is not around =)
Andrea Balgobin
Randolph, NJ

I called Sameer about a matter of mine that he worked on years ago. It’s great when you call your attorney and he remembers exactly who you are. I knew I was good hands.

Thanks Sameer
Aqeel Merchant
I was quite lost when it came to trying to choose an attorney to help me with processing my Green Card. I had tried doing my research online but that just left me more confused than when I began so I left it up to my husband to find someone for me. He sorted it all out by calling some sort of immigration information hotline.

So I have to admit I approached Sameer Kumar with a lot of caution and skepticism. But boy was I wrong. Here was clearly someone who knew what he was doing and just as importantly knew what someone who had no clue would be going through. He answered all my questions with patience and clarity. His team handled all the paperwork with great accuracy, professionalism and timeliness. And here I am 4 months later, green card in hand.

If I have to pick one incident that stood out to me it would be the time that Sameer had arranged for a call to evaluate whether we were “interview ready” and needless to say I was a bag of nerves. But he shot forth a bunch of questions at us and just the manner in which he did it made us feel so at ease. I think that was what was key to this relationship. Anyone can file a bunch of paperwork, but it takes a good attorney to make the process worth the ride.

I would recommend Sameer’s services in a heartbeat.
Nisha Menon

We did it! Thank you so much for all your help! You didn't just treat us as a client, but as a friend.You will be highly recommended and God bless you!
Thank you,
Reynan Tantoco
As someone who completed all the legal work himself for the adoption and Green card for my two children from India, as well as for the citizenship of one of the kids just before he turned 18), I am particularly appreciative of Sameer Kumar's absolutely first-rate work in assisting me and my now 30-year-old adopted daughter in applying for her citizenship (finally, after literally nearly three decades of planning to fulfill this important responsibility very soon).

Not only was Sameer’s impressive promptness and complete professionalism the perfect foil to my own glacial pace and obsessive approach to unnecessary detail, but his immense optimism and endlessly resourceful, lightning-fast wit (as he put it with his typical right-on-the-mark sense of irony when I referred to the latter . . .“What? A lawyer with a sense of humor??? You’ve got to be kidding!”) were invaluable in what would ordinarily have been a tedious and often discouraging process, and nail-biting experience, had I tried it myself at this stage in the new complexities of the immigration system.

I am happy to give him my highest possible recommendation.
Dr. Brian Silver
Sameer, your newsletters are really great. I don’t have enough words to explain my gratitude. Let me put it in my simple words. Your newsletters are powerful, educative enough and the basic things each and every individual should aware of. You are identifying the basic things from all perspectives of a human life and encouraging the individuals to walk in the light of enlightenment. When ever I receive your newsletter – I read it thoroughly and will be very very curious about the next topic. Your newsletters are at that cutting edge giving us what we really need to know. They are very well prepared and covered from all perspectives. You are doing a great and responsible social service apart from your regular business. This is a very very rare thing to see in the real world. Keep this enthusiasm up all the time. One more thing – I never wrote any reviews or compliments for any public newsletters. Finally, my salute to you and I wish to see many more newsletters from you.
I had engaged the services of Sameer Kumar for processing my H-1B for the very first time. Not only did he thoroughly review my case but he also made sure my qualifications and experience were a match to the position that I was being hired for. He was very patient in answering questions to my employers and got back to us very promptly. Sameer has been very through and meticulous in the whole process. He knew about the current immigration policies and guided myself and my employer in the right direction. After my first H-1B he also helped me transfer my visa to my next employer and again it was a very easy and hassle-free process for me. Sameer is very organized and following his checklists make any process very easy and simple. He is currently processing my Green Card and till now it has been a very detailed and step by step process making things progress smoothly. It has been a great experience working with Sameer and his firm.

Dipti S.Fairfax, VA
Sameer is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable with respect to student/work/business immigration matters. When I talked to him about my H1B visa, green card application and later on about my citizenship application, he gave an in-depth explanation for the recent trends and changes which influenced my ability to strategize my immigration issues. His advice and services proved invaluable on all three occasions. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a lawyer who delivers results in an efficient, professional and expeditious manner.

Dr. Varsha Gupta,
Senior Scientist, Helicon Therapeutics, Inc.
Farmingdale, NY 11735
We used Sameer’s legal services to get answers for our immigration questions. He always answered our e-mails within 24 hours. We also used his phone consultation service. It is easy to understand him over the phone even for a non-native English speaker. We found him very knowledgeable. We received relevant information, and his advice helped us to oversee and understand our situation better. He was also available for follow-ups, and answering any leftover question. I would highly recommend him to anyone else. We would definitely use his services in the future to help with our immigration issues.
Mark and Melinda from Wisconsin
We had a very good experience the way you handled the matters. I have already recommended your name to a few people & will continue to do so. Thanks again
Dileep & Dr.Surekha Khedekar
I would like to thank Sameer very much for taking a personal intersest care in getting my permanent resident card. I appreciate that you always got back to me whenever the immigration services needed any additional information which from my view was great. Thank you once again.
Samson Martin (deceased)Princeton, NJ
Sameer provides great legal advice. He is easily accessible and responds promptly. He uses technology efficiently to provide a high level of customer service which I found very impressive.
Rushi Patel
It is always a pleasure working with Sameer. I have known him for a few years now and got the opportunity to work with him recently for my citizenship. He is extremely professional and helpful. His knowledge in the area of immigration law is extremely handy. He identifies potential issues early on making the rest of the process fairly smooth. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for help on immigration related services.
Sudhendu Saxena
office are helpfuSameer and hisl, knowledgeable and Sameer himself is a straight-shooter. His expertise helped me since his advice and service was customized for my particular case. Most important for me was the fact that once Sameer laid his hands on my case, I was able to focus on my life since he and his office took care of every aspect of my case.

Rahul Sheth
Engaging Sameer Kumar’s firm to assist in processing my fiancé’s immigration visa was one of the best decisions we made. Not only did Sameer make himself readily available to answer our numerous questions but also provided sage advice toward navigating the mire of immigration law. Through the entire case we felt as if Sameer and his diligent staff took a personal interest in our case and we would highly recommend that anyone concerned with immigration issues procure the services of his knowledgeable and highly professional firm.
Atul K.
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